Fernando Camacho Jr. VP of Operations

Earning a Business Management degree from, Kerr Business College, Augusta, GA and with over 20 years of successful Military, Ministry, Management and Leadership experience, a reputation for meeting the most challenging organizational goals and objectives; Mr. Fernando Camacho Jr. is a pragmatic and focused individual recognized for “making the seemingly impossible situations work.”

In January 2015 Fernando Camacho received his ordination as a Pastor through Flowers Ministries Incorporated and currently serves as the Pastor over Shepherd Christian Center. As a faithful servant of the Lord, full-time employee, and missionarian through Flowers Ministries, Inc., from 1998-present, Mr. Camacho has dedicated tireless service to the ministry of helping the homeless. His primary duties include, but are not limited to planning strategic fundraising activities, developing and implementing highly successful strategic fundraising plans (short and long term), assisting the homeless with affordable and transitional housing, food and clothes, ascertain resources to prevent domestic violence situations, trained and supervised volunteers, staff and community service workers, assist returning veterans with resource locations, and provided family counseling to maintain their households.

In previous years before his inception into Flowers Ministries, Mr. Camacho served in the United States Army between the years of 1989 – 1995 as an E-4 Specialist. During his tenure in the army, he gained upper-level clearance status, served as a Non-Morse Interceptor engaged in monitoring other types of signals, (other than Morse codes, such as single and multi-channel signals), exchanges and transmissions from locations around the world. Moreover, he has excelled in extremely high pressure and essential duties, was instrumental in the success of the various missions, upgraded training curriculum and methods, and cross-trained personnel in job duties resulting in lower supervision requirements.

Overall, Mr. Camacho has a proven record for producing higher performance standards, enhancing productivity during a period of shrinking budgets and utilized resources effectively to provide housing, food and clothes for the homeless from a rate of 46% to 97.6% in less than 12 months. This resulted in assisting over 100 more families than what was accomplished the previous year. On top of the many hats that he wears and accomplishments, he is also the proud father of two sons, Marcel Antonio Camacho who serves in the US Navy, rank E-5, as an Air traffic controller and Gianni Taji Camacho, who is the assistant Manager at Zaxbys in Savannah, Georgia, of whom he credits as his motivation to continue on the service and work the Lord has called him to do.