Learn how Flowers Ministries Inc. is supporting its communities through charitable services. Contact us to support our charitable foundation through donations.

Shepherd Mission House

This program offers public assistance with food, shelter, clothing and transitional housing. It is designed to assist the homeless and disadvantaged so they get the resources they need. A place of stability and counseling helps restore people to permanent self-sufficiency.

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Shepherd Real Properties

Find affordable housing with the help of our full-service real estate firm. We work to assist families in need who are looking for an affordable place they can call home.

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Shepherd Financial Group

Manage your money with our financial counseling classes. Our goal is to help low-income families and the unemployed learn the best way to use the money they have to live a better life.

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Disability & VA Disability Claims Assistance

When you need to file a disability or VA disability claim, come to us. We are here to assist you in getting the financial help you need. Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Veterans Benefits (VBA) are both Federally run benefit programs that provide aid to people who need it. For more information and a no-cost consultation, contact us.

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Emergency Housing

We have just opened a 40-bed facility available in Darlington, SC for emergency housing. No drugs, smoking or alcohol allowed. Please call for more information. We are currently seeking volunteers to help with this project.

FMI Charity & Business Development

Get your small business or charity off to a good start with our development services. Our program is designed to help organize and assist new startup charities, non-profits, and small businesses. To find out more about this program, click here to visit our FMI Charity & Business Development website. We assist with: Grants | Incorporation | Certifications | Business Development | 501(c)(3) IRS-Exempt Status

Affiliate Program

If you are a nonprofit without a 501c3 designation and would like to know more about how we can help you organize and receive assistance and funding, please contact us. See a list of our affiliates.

Family Counseling

Our main objective is to reconcile lost souls back to Christ through the propagation of the Gospels of Jesus Christ. With our vision, we help you lift up your life with Jesus Christ, for He is the Savior of the world. We offer individual and family counseling services.